September 30, 2020

The client contacted Pitre & Associates due to age and disability discrimination he experienced during the Agency’s hiring process when he applied for two positions that he was well-qualified for but was not even invited to interview by the Agency. The firm was able to successfully negotiate a favorable settlement on behalf of the client during the discovery phase of the EEOC process, which included a monetary award totaling $14,000.  

The client had the following to add to this success story:

The firm did an outstanding job for me, and I hope they are able to help others in the future that may encounter the same or similar unfortunate situation.

[1] Client wishes for his identity to remain anonymous.


June 1, 2020

After being wrongfully removed from federal service, client retained Pitre & Associates for representation before the Merit Systems Protection Board (“MSPB”).  During this very difficult and trying time, Pitre & Associates successfully guided the client through the MSPB process, and was able to settle the matter, prior to a hearing.  The settlement agreement provided our client with a reinstatement to federal service, back-pay, including benefits and interest, and attorneys’ fees for a monetary award totaling approximately $70,000. 

 The client had the following to add to this success story:

“Mr. Pitre and Ms. de Vera's breath of knowledge in Federal Employment Law is exhaustive. Amid my times of uncertainty, their professionalism and legal advice reigned supreme. I was able to be reinstated, regain my years of Federal tenure, and continue my path towards Federal Retirement.  Even with all the complexity involved, Mr. Pitre and his team devised the best strategy to prepare for trial.”

[1] Client wishes for her identity to remain anonymous.


May 1, 2020

The client contacted the firm in late 2018 after being terminated from his private sector position, on the day of orientation, due to a perceived physical disability. Upon filing an EEOC disability discrimination charge at the Washington, DC EEOC field office, the firm assisted the client through the investigative process, and ultimately filed a  federal civil complaint at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. However, prior to discovery in that matter, the firm was able to negotiate settlement without having to take the client through a lengthy, and potentially costly, court battle. The client was extremely pleased with the outcome of the case.    

[1] Client wishes for her identity to remain anonymous.


March 10, 2020

This victory awarded our Client $50,000 in non-pecuniary compensatory damages, $7,854.57 in back-pay, and a full reimbursement of attorneys’ fees at the current Laffey Rate; for a full award totaling approximately $75,000.00.

See the attached OFO decision below.

OFO Decision

February 13, 2020

A. Marques Pitre successfully argued before the US Court of Appeals that the decision by the Merit Systems Protection Board denying our Client corrective action in her claims filed under the Whistleblower Protection Act were arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion, or otherwise not in accordance with law; obtained without procedures required by law, rule, or regulation having been followed; or unsupported by substantial evidence.

The Court ruled in favor this firm, and in doing so, vacated and remanded a portion of the case back to the MSPB for further deliberation. You can review the Opinion of the Court below.

Case Opinion

October 1, 2019

A brief synopsis of the cases are as follows:

1) Client’s[1] case had been dormant for over 6 months when he contacted the firm for representation in his matter. After contacting the Agency, Pitre & Associates was able to settle client’s case within 3 months of its initial communication. Client was thoroughly pleased with the $12,500 settlement, able to put the matter behind him, and finally enjoy his well-deserved retirement from the federal government.

[1] Client wishes for his identity to remain anonymous.

2) Mr. Bryant hired Pitre & Associates in 2017 due to allegations of discrimination and hostile work environment harassment on the basis of his Age. After assisting Mr. Bryant through the Formal Complaint process, and subsequently filing an EEOC Hearing request, the firm was able to negotiate a settlement during the EEOC’s WISE Mediation process. After two years of dealing with the stress of his complaint, this firm was finally able to resolve this matter to his complete satisfaction.  

The client had the following to add to this success story:

On behalf of myself and my family I would like to thank A. Marques Pitre and Michelle de Vera for taking my case. There are events in one’s life that can be devastating but the attention they showed to my case was genuine reassuring and thorough. There are not enough words to express to Mr. Pitre and Ms. De Vera my gratitude for their support, fervor and compassion in protecting my interest as their client. Anyone would welcome the opportunity to work with attorneys possessing your ethics and professionalism. Again, thank you!! Carver Bryant & Family.

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