Senior Associate Michelle De Vera Negotiates $73,500 Settlement in Client’s Workplace Harassment and Reprisal Complaint Against the Department of the Navy

Senior Associate Michelle de Vera negotiates $73,500 settlement in client’s [1] workplace harassment and reprisal complaint against the Department of the Navy.

After years of enduring harassment based on sex and reprisal, the Client reached out to Pitre & Associates to assist her with her Formal EEO Complaint.  The firm assisted the Client in navigating the EEO Investigative process, and ensured the Client provided the testimony and documentary evidence necessary to prove her claims.  Shortly after requesting an EEOC hearing, Pitre & Associates was able to successfully settle the Client’s case due to evidence we were able to acquire and have included in the Report of Investigation.  The settlement agreement included correcting the Client’s inaccurate performance appraisal, $65,000 in compensatory damages; and reimbursement of $8,500 in attorneys’ fees, for an award totaling $73,500.

The client had the following to add to this success story:

When my original requests for help went unanswered by 3 different supervisors, I finally filed an EEO complaint.  I thought I could manage the testimonies, declarations, sworn statements, and all the other responses that I would need to respond to.

However, after getting frustrated and overwhelmed with the process, the number and length of the responses, the pandemic, and still having a lot of work to do; I contacted Ms. Michelle De Vera at the Pitre and Associates law firm. She was amazing!  She handled my case from start to finish and walked me through the entire process both thoroughly and professionally.  It was much more involved than I had imagined, and I probably would have given up in frustration without Michelle’s assistance and guidance.

Her professional demeanor and knowledge put me at ease and took a huge burden off my shoulders.  Michelle not only negotiated my settlement and the correction of my yearly evaluation, but she also made sure everything was finalized and complete before it was closed out.

The fees charged by Pitre and Associates for all the assistance I received was amazingly reasonable.  I couldn’t have done it without Ms. De Vera.  I highly recommend her and Pitre and Associates law firm.

[1] Client wishes for her identity to remain anonymous.

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