Pitre & Associates, LLC has Successfully Litigated a Reverse Race Discrimination Complaint Against the U.S. Department of Interior resulting in a $176,756.83 Settlement Award.

Managing Partner, A. Marques Pitre, couldn’t be happier to announce that after 7 years of participation in a grueling litigation process, that included representation of the firm’s very first client[1], in an EEO Complaint alleging that his demotion was discriminatory due to his race, Caucasian, that ended up being dismissed via summary judgment at the EEOC, however, undeterred, re-filled in the U.S. District Court for the District of South Dakota; overcoming a motion for summary judgment there, then through a very difficult in-person, Judge assisted settlement conference, resulting in motion practice for attorney’s fees; the firm was finally able to resolve the client’s case to his ultimate satisfaction.

The Client had this say about the firm’s representation:

When I found myself experiencing the worst moments in my career, the feeling of isolation became so overwhelming that I sought legal representation—and an advocate. Mr. Pitre and his team represented me with a level of professionalism, expertise, and tenacity that I desperately needed both professionally and personally. From the moment I reached out to Mr. Pitre, I felt that I finally had someone on my side that truly understood what was happening to me and that there was actually something that could be done to rectify the wrongs committed against me. In an otherwise stressful time, one of my most fond memories was witnessing Mr. Pitre completely deconstruct key agency officials during a two-day deposition process with their own emails that they attempted to deny existed. Mr. Pitre was always available to answer all my questions in an honest and candid manner, and also explain the next steps moving forward. Throughout the process, Mr. Pitre navigated the legal deadlines and proceedings so I could focus on repairing my damaged reputation and move on with my otherwise very successful career. I never had a doubt that my decision to choose Mr. Pitre was one of the most important and pivotal decisions I made in my federal career. As my case came to a close, I finally had a sense that I was vindicated, and I know that never could have happened without Mr. Pitre, his legal expertise, and his righteous tenacity. I highly recommend Mr. Pitre and his team if you ever find yourself in an unfortunate situation, and I greatly appreciate all their efforts to resolve my case to my satisfaction. May God continue to bless Mr. Pitre, his team, and anyone reading these words that is in need of legal representation.

[1] Client prefers to remain anonymous.

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