Pitre & Associates wins another EEOC victory against the Department of Veterans Affairs resulting in close to a $100,000 monetary award

Pitre & Associates began its representation in the client’s 2020 case against the DVA for its alleged race, sex, and retaliatory discrimination against our client, when it failed to select the client for a GS-15 position. First, Senior Associate, Michelle de Vera, prevented the case from being dismissed in response to a Notice of Intent to Issue a Decision without a Hearing, then, the firm’s Managing Partner, A. Marques Pitre, successfully argue the merits of the case during a one-day hearing before an Administrative Judge and obtained a decisive victory on behalf of the client. The Judge found the Department of Veterans Affairs discriminated against the client on the basis of her race, sex, and retaliated against her based on her prior EEO activity. Instead of taking the case to a damages hearing, the firm was able to successfully settle with the DVA for $50,000 in compensatory damages, and $38,592.20 in attorneys’ fees at current Laffey rates, resulting in a $88,592.20 total award, which was to the client's full satisfaction.

Client wishes to remain anonymous.

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