Pitre & Associates Wins EEOC Victory Against the U.S. Department of Justice Resulting in Over Half a Million-Dollar Monetary Award

In 2019, the client(1) retained Pitre & Associates to assist him in his discrimination complaint against the U.S. Department of Justice. From the inception, Pitre & Associates went to work and ensured client’s failure to accommodate claim was properly formulated during the EEOC hearing stage. Thereafter, Pitre & Associates fervently represented the client during the various phases of the EEOC process which ultimately led to a EEOC hearing. The firm’s Managing Partner, A. Marques Pitre, successfully argued the merits of the case resulting in a victory on behalf of the client. The Judge found the U.S. Department of Justice discriminated against our client on the basis of his Disability and Retaliated against him on the basis of prior EEO activity. The Judge also found that the U.S. Department of Justice subjected our client to a hostile work environment based on his Disability and in Retaliation. The Judge awarded $85,815.46┬áin attorneys’ fees and costs, $73,955.56 in pecuniary compensatory damages, $75,000 in non-compensatory damages, $167,715.20 in front-pay, and $169,362.90 in back-pay, resulting in a $571,879.11 award(2).

1 The Client wishes to remain anonymous

2 Subject to Appeal

Please see Final Agency Decision

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